BEFORE AND AFTER: Family Bathroom / by Strianese + Pew

by Elizabeth Strianese

We took this dated and cramped feeling bath and turned it into a playful spacious feeling bath - without moving a wall!





This fun family of 4 (they were just 3 when we first met them!) asked us to revive their kid’s bathroom using playful but classic materials. A soaking tub was a must for mom, as was a vanity with two sinks. I guess baby #2 was always on their minds, and we took those desires to fruition!


Our first step was to rethink the materials used. We knew we couldn’t move any walls given the way the bathroom was hemmed in between a bedroom and the double height space of the lower living room. So we maximized the feel of the room with a freestanding tub and efficiently sized vanity.

The main ideas that “work” in this space are:

  • Light, bright materials.

  • A freestanding tub which leaves just enough space between the edge of the tub and the wall to get in for cleaning. Visually, this make the room feel larger because it’s a generous and tall tub.

  • A “carpet” of patterned cement wall tiles which carry from the floor up the wall. This is a key element that we like to incorporate when trying to draw the eye into the room and up to the ceiling.

  • A custom vanity that feels like furniture. It’s important to us to have the vanity not look like a counter that’s been shoved into the corner.