Beacon Loft
Mill Valley Kitchen
Chappaqua Modern
Woodstock Lodge Home
Garrison House
 The design inspiration for this project was building a bridge between a classic traditional colonial in Chappaqua and today’s modern needs for a functional kitchen. We did a total kitchen renovation and reimagined the layout to accommodate a wall oven and island with a centrally located farm sink. The clients were entering retirement and were planning for the future, yet they wanted to keep in mind their big family and future grandchildren. She loves to cook and bake, and the kitchen was designed with that in mind.    The family are also Cape Cod lovers, and there is special nod to the beach, sun and sea. The teal painted island is balanced by the very pale grey of the cabinetry, and the glossy black pendants by Hudson Valley Lighting brought in a burst contemporary decor.
 The design inspiration was of classic New York, American Modern, Art Deco, and a 1920’s-30’s influence with current touches. The apartment has a view of the Chrysler Building, which set the scene. This was our second project with the same clients. They love modern design and pay close attention to the little details that bring a space together. We renovated two bathrooms, furnished the entire apartment, and worked on custom built-ins and kitchen resurfacing.  We were able to create some interesting design elements. After stripping the mahogany doors of their years of paint, we then added smoked mirror and a gilded lattice detail which referenced a wrought iron gate on the street out front of the building. We used gold and silver hand printed wallpaper in the dining room to add some subtle luxury. The beautiful back painted coffee table by Philip and Kelvin LaVerne set the color palette for the whole apartment.      Local Vendors:  Hand blown lights in the dining room by  Malfatti  glass. Custom glazed tile on fireplace by  Modcraft . All custom cabinetry, built-ins using rosewood and teak by contractor.   Photography by  Cappy Hotchkiss
Chappaqua Family Home
 We renovated two baths for our Hilltop client who allowed us to push the boundaries of tile and pattern. Inspired by Morrocan design, we used traditional motifs in a modern way. The result is a playful sophistication, and we couldn’t be happier with the result!   Local Vendors  Wallpaper by  Zoffany , Dome sconce by  Allied Maker , custom sink by  Terra Tile ,  Pratt and Larson  wall tile,  Tabarka Studio  floor tile, custom lighting by  Malfatti Glas s, custom vanity, window screen, and etched door by  Rexhill  and  Fabhaus .   Photography by    Meredith Heuer